We aim to be a respected financial research and advisory firm to investment professionals. We put your clients at the center of everything that we do at CapAdvisors Research. In a market that offers endless opportunities, protecting your clients' wealth drives us to make responsible decisions. 

Over the last decade, this approach has helped us to build research and analysis services to investment professionals. Decisions that help your clients free up their time to do things that they wish to pursue. Create value for your clients that are sustainable in any market scenario.Take advantage of our expertise in the things we are good at. We help you to make you stand out and show your clients who you are.



Whether it is the 'New Normal' or the 'Next Normal', its implications and emerging stronger has been the key concern for most clients. Understanding what matters most and getting ready for the future is a key priority. Investment professionals must take earnest steps in this regard and provide meaning to what is happening around and will happen in the future. We help you get priorities in order to improve the odds of success and provide a strong sense of advantage for your clients.



How do you diversify a portfolio that maximizes returns? That's a question on everyone's mind. It depends on the value that you want to create for your clients beyond wealth. This mean you must help your clients look into the long term future. Generating insights need independent perspectives and research that are exclusive for each client. We help you deliver results that help your clients stay ahead of the game. We offer best in class asset allocation strategies in the near and long term helping you stay ahead of the competition.

Our Leadership

Ashok Munuswami

I have gained valuable experience working with leading investment banks covering equities and fixed income markets in India and globally. At CapAdvisors Research, I combine conventional investing approach with data-science backed analytical solutions to investment problems. I’m a Charterholder with the CFA Institute and a Chartered Accountant from India.

I’m a trainer for valuation courses for students pursuing the Indian registered valuer’s exam. My courses are accessible as schoolofvaluation.com. I also teach courses on Machine Learning. More details on my professional journey is here (LinkedIn). In case you resonate with my areas of work and interests, do reach out at ashok@capadvisors.in.

Additionally, I hold a valuation license with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India. I’m a student of the Austrian school of economics and enjoy using computing and machine learning to solve problems. I occasionally blog at schoolofecon.com – a collection of my thoughts on free markets, human cooperation, capitalism, contracts etc.

Bangalore Office

C1143, Assetz 63 Degree East, Sarjapur Road,

Bangalore - 560 035

KA, India



We work with investment professionals to empower them with better market insights and help build the right portfolios for their clients.

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