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At CapAdvisors Research, our customers come first. We are an independent investment research and advisory firm based in Bangalore, India. Since 2015, we have been delivering the highest quality professional advice to investment professionals and help create stronger investor portfolios.

The primary asset in outstanding client performance is our talent. From software engineers to research analysts, we are not individuals working in silos. We work as a unified firm, exchanging ideas and solving client challenges everyday. This idea driven culture driven by diverse perspectives helps us solve even the most complex problems. If you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, CapAdvisors helps build your career. 


Everyone has the potential to grow. At CapAdvisors we are dedicated to helping you be better at what you do. All of us come from different backgrounds with different skillsets. It is the belief that we can things possible that brings us together and makes us achieve great outcomes. 

In a world where data analytics, artificial intelligence and fintech converge, we encourage you to work at the forefront of these technologies. You will find opportunities to work on technologies and solve everyday problems using innovation and creativity. Take on client challenges, big or small and use your problem solving skills using creativity, brain storming and technology. Solving client challenges is at the heart of what we do at CapAdvisors. 


Put your knowledge and talent to use where it impacts most. Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, we welcome you to CapAdvisors Research. You would be investing a lot of time in helping clients build better investment portfolios that can sustain different economic cycles and shape your career.

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for Professionals

We are always on the lookout for great talent. We look for experienced professionals with a passion for excellence. You will discover plenty of opportunities to make a real impact and solve various client challenges. You will work with some smart minds in the industry and learn from each other.

Whether you are producing incisive research, compelling investment decisions, working on the latest technologies, or providing intelligent advice to clients, you will find adequate opportunities to work with. The collective ideas that our professionals deliver bring results and drive progress. Ready to join a firm that is dynamic and actively shaping the markets we work with?

for Students

You have learnt a lot at college, read a lot and are raring to go and apply what you have learnt. We are looking for the next generation of young professionals to join us. Meet your ambitions and build your career where you can learn from the best. Having an open mindset to explore various technologies is a great asset.

While you learn on the job, we also offer your training, development and mentorship. We look for exceptional graduates from relevant educational backgrounds who are passionate to learn and grow. When challenged to the limits, you must be open to develop and borrow ideas from different fields and not just finance. Ready to build a career by solving critical problems?

Bangalore Office

C1143, Assetz 63 Degree East, Sarjapur Road,

Bangalore - 560 035

KA, India


We work with investment professionals to empower them with better market insights and help build the right portfolios for their clients.

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