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A good insight makes it easier for you to make an intelligent decision. We offer research and advice so that you can build better portfolios for your clients. Every insight is back by a long term perspective. Long term focus helps you build trust and authority with your clients. 

What makes our research distinctive is our ability to provide exclusive research for different clients. No two clients are the same. So is the advice that you provide to your clients. So why should your research and the portfolios that you construct be generic? As a firm that is defined by research at its core, we help you shape the investment decisions of your clients and help you stay on the winning side.

Market Insights

Our job is to simplify the complex data in a timely and insightful way so that you as an investment professional can take informed investment decisions on behalf of your clients based on sound investment principles.

Portfolio Insights

From in-depth analysis of your clients' portfolios to mere perspectives, we provide timely and strategic insights that help you build and manage stronger portfolios. Take advantage of our expertise in analysing thousands of portfolios.

Wealth Planning

Start early. Save more and plan for the future. Help your clients harness the power of dividends and the power of compounding by investing in the right asset classes. The right insights can help avoid making emotional decisions and stay invested no matter what.


Defining investment strategies and distributing the investment across asset classes can drive returns and protect wealth in the long term. Let us put research to work and provide answers to economic and market across cycles.

Portfolio Construction

Use our systematic framework to build better portfolios for your clients. This involves understanding your clients' current and future needs. Defining this strategy helps provide a client driven perspective and build stronger portfolios.

Client Reporting

Translating economic and market information into client understandable reports is important in your relationship with high value clients. We uncover a range of qualitative and quantitative research into client friendly insights.  

Bangalore Office

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We work with investment professionals to empower them with better market insights and help build the right portfolios for their clients.

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